Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fifth Avenue Street Cred

Once upon a time, I was a girl from Virginia who moved to New York City. I took the subway every day. I went to architecture school in Harlem. I met some of the coolest people. And I did really awesome things.

Facebook recently opened up their Timeline feature to, um, everyone, so I checked it out... and my Timeline has allowed me to regain parts of my life that I totally forgot even happened.

Things like this exchange with a friend, from years ago:
Kebba: How come u haven't been snooping round my building?

Lauren: It couldn't possibly be because i have better things to be doing. Have you finally given up stalking me?

Kebba: Never!!!!!! But wait a sec... Weren't u the one who came to my work place?

Lauren: If by my work you mean the 59th street subway station & dean and deluca in borders at 59th street, well then, yes... I am stalking you. Damn. Just because you work at one of the busiest/coolest places I often frequent, well, yeah... I'm stalking you. ;)
(You should've seen the look on my friend's face when I punched you on the subway stairs. He was like wtf? You go around punching random big black guys!?!?! Hahahahaha)

Kebba: You should have been like hell yea (it would have earned you some street cred)

Lauren: Baby I got all the street cred I need

Kebba: Yea 5th ave street cred

I forgot about all the funny conversations we had. I forgot how often we just ran into each other in the city. I forgot that I used to hunker down at the Dean and Deluca inside of Borders at Columbus Circle. I forgot about our street cred jokes, like Gun Hill street cred and Fifth Avenue street cred. I forgot just how New York I was. Now I'm starting to remember who that girl was, and fall in love with her all over again.

My heart is all warm and fuzzy :)

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