Friday, January 20, 2012

Little Things

This week has been pretty stressful
tons of stuff going on at work
getting used to being back in school
planning planning planning
but the little things kept a smile on my face!

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[ my coworker knew that I started classes on Monday,
so she bought me some school supplies
and wrote a sweet note. ]
[ Dulce Dog - ready for the game!
btw, that game?
oh. my. gosh. ]
[ we're all getting excited for dress shopping!
this mid-day text from my Aunt Boo put a huge smile on my face.
and yes - that is Cinderella's Castle as my background! ]
[ we finally made it out to Cheesetique -
with a couple-friends of ours
(I mean, really, they're a couple
and we're all friends)
and we had a GREAT time! ]
[ last Friday night my good friend Jose and his band
played a great show at Jammin' Java!
I was up way past my bedtime,
but it was sooooooooooo awesome! ]
[ hard cider, served warm with a cinnamon stick -
mm mm good. ]
[ study study study!
so happy to be back in school! ]

Happy Friday!
Have a GREAT weekend!


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