Wednesday, February 8, 2012

wedding wednesday // 4

Happy Wednesday! 

There are many seriously awesome things going on in my life lately, and just a few not awesome things. My boss and I had a conversation about positivity this morning and it reminded me (yet again!) that it's so important to stay positive. Even though there are always (always!) going to be negative things in life, I've realized that there's really no sense in letting those get me down. 

Anyway - let's get to Wedding Wednesday! I love these link-ups; they really help me to organize my thoughts :)

I don't have a huge update this week, but I think that's okay. Since we're having such a long engagement I'm not rushed or stressed in planning anything (yet!) so a lot of little things are still in play...

I'm going to be super honest here: the catering part scares me. I think it's mostly just the price of all of it! When we met with Sharon at the Hendry House last month we got a list of their recommended caterers, and I also got information from a few at the bridal expo. Next is to go through all of that and figure out who we might want to work with... same with the cake!

I'm still dreaming about the dresses I fell in love with at Alfred Angelo, but I'm definitely not prepared to make that call yet. My Grandma has an in at Macy's, so Mom and I are going to look at their dresses next week. There are still a few silhouettes I want to try on. And I'm still not ruling out begging a family friend to make my dress :)

We are so not even close to making this call yet, but I did grab some information from DJs at the bridal expo so I'll keep that on hand. I've been keeping a Google Doc of all the music I love, just so that I can make sure not to leave anything off. I mean, you know how awful my memory is, right? A pretty cool thing happened over the weekend though - I heard a song on an internet radio station and immediately knew that it's the song I'm going to walk down the aisle to. So that's kind of awesome!

I met a lot of good photographers at the bridal expo, and I've gotten a ton of information from them. Mike and I are going to sit down this week to go over all that and figure out who we like. I'm also trying to get information from photographer friends as to what I should be looking for and I think that will help.

I had the opportunity to meet and speak with Jane (at The Borrowed Abode) last weekend, and she was kind enough to send me a ton of resources! So that has been awesome! (Thanks again, Jane!)

My goals for the next couple of weeks are:
~ solidify the budget (oh, what fun!)
~ meet with photographers
~ try on more dresses!

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