Monday, March 5, 2012

this photograph

If you've visited my Facebook page, you've probably seen this photograph as my cover image:

I chose it specifically because of what it means to me.

This was taken in May 2011 and I'm standing inside the Dellville Covered Bridge in Pennsylvania.

This photograph represents a lot of firsts: 
 * We were on our way from Virginia to the Finger Lakes region of NY.
 * It was my first long-distance motorcycle trip,
 *  * our first trip together (except to visit friends out-of-town),
 *  * our first time to the Finger Lakes.
 * I was amazed by the beauty of all these places I hadn't yet experienced,
 *  * excitedly looking forward to our accommodations (a castle!)
 *  *  * and the wineries we would visit,
 *  * and happy to be spending time with Mike.

There was a little of the unknown
a lot of adventure, and 
even more 
appreciation for the moment.

It also represents a lot of faith: 
 * it was taken before we moved in together,
 *  * before I sold my car,
 *  * before I even knew about my medical issues,
 *  * before things got messy with my family,
 *  * before we got engaged,
 *  * before work got crazy -
 * before all of that.

I am looking into the darkness of the bridge. 

The sunlight, the beautiful blue sky, and our motorcycle are behind me. 

I believe that this is a strong reminder 
that my faith
my strength
my amazement and appreciation of the world, 
are always with me.

Sometimes I just need to change my perspective
to see them.

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