Friday, March 2, 2012

wrapped // 4

I enjoyed Kayla Aimee's review of The No-Brainer Wardrobe. I'd been thinking about buying the book for a few days now, and her review was the convincing factor for me! I can't wait to read it this weekend and make some serious wardrobe changes.

Daina's gorgeous New York photographs and stories make me miss and appreciate the city all at once.

I love fonts. I love them. I'll blame this on my college friends who were all graphic designers. So when Snippet and Ink featured 50 gorgeous fonts, I was sure to click through and I was not disappointed! Bonus - Kathryn's post includes links and prices!

Go check out Fat Mum Slim's Instagram cheat sheet. Now. I'll wait.

Rebecca's calling cards will absolutely change your perception of calling cards. I swear, that girl has so much creativity.

A long time ago, Mike and I took a field trip with our 9th grade English class to the National Museum of Women in the Arts. Someone in my family looked it up and told me that I had to get married there. Well now that we're actually planning our wedding, as it turns out, that venue is a little formal for our taste. But! I still had to check out this wedding over on United With Love just because of the venue - and yes, it was totally gorgeous.

I found these Russel+Hazel wedding organization printables through It's a Bride's Life, just when I was thinking that I really need to make myself a wedding binder. (I'm an organizer, what can I say?)

The Bishop's Wife shared this amazing house that she saw on Birch and Bird, and ... I'm kind of in love. This is exactly what I want to live in someday. Especially with room for all my books! AND - the title of that post is a line from my faaaaavorite Carbon Leaf song. So obvs it's meant to be. Just saying.

I looooooved this gorgeous, simple Southern wedding. It showcased a lot of the ideas I've already had for our wedding, and I really enjoyed being able to see some of those ideas in real life. Oh so pretty.

Elise taught us how to make chalkboard paint in any color. This is dangerous and awesome all at once!

Project Wedding offered advice for brides looking to have a custom gown designed, and I've been thinking about having mine made by a family friend so this was really useful!

I love Smidge, I mean, she says things like "M and C is a perfect recipe for FF as really it is no faff at all and very quick to make. Here is my perfect version. Beware this is only for those who don’t give a frick about their diet."  Swoon. And I'm really excited to try her mac and cheese recipe!

The Tiny Twig wrote about "7 boards every woman should have," and while I fully think that the "woman" identifier is not needed, I think she got everything else spot-on. And yes, I have all 7 of those boards.

And last but certainly not least:
Straight from the lovely mouths of the lovely bloggers of Scintilla HQ: "The Scintilla Project gives you a reason to unlock your storytelling voice. We provide a selection of daily prompts and encouragement, and you provide a post that goes beyond the surface into Why. In some you'll be the hero, in some the villain, and in some an innocent bystander. Every day is a new chance to go deeper." Check it out, follow Scintilla HQ on Twitter, and get ready for the prompts to start on March 14th.

Happy weekend, friends.


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