Sunday, April 22, 2012

absolutely beats tupperware

Lately the guys have been thinking about what they'll do after they finish Ol' Stinky, which has prompted conversations about bikes and projects and decades, and it got me thinking and making some comments and hey, maybe someday I'll do my own rebuild. It's been fun enough, after all.

Actually wait. This is my personal little blog so I can say it - I got straight-up jealous. I help every now and then but (as I've said) it's their project and I honestly don't know very much. I was talking to Matt a few days ago and mentioned how I still don't know what tools are what and how to do certain things. He simply said "Patience, grasshopper," which is something I need to remember all the time. These are two guys with years (I mean really years and years) of experience with this kind of stuff, and then there's me. But if Mike taught himself at first and then researched and asked friends, I can do that too right? 

The other thing would be actually riding. I got my motorcycle license last year, and Mike too kindly got me a bike I was not ready to ride (and we sold), and since then I haven't done any riding by myself. Any. I forgot the gear sequence when explaining something to Rhiannon, which was pretty embarrassing. I have the license and I have the gear and I've been holding myself back. Granted, this area is scary enough in a car, much less on a bike. But if it's a little project bike, if it's fun to just ride around a little bit and not like a crazy person, why not? I can do that, right?


So after I'd mulled this over in my mind for hours and days, a little bird came around. Our friend Antonio posted this picture on my facebook, along with "Want mine? Jes' needs a leetle work..."

I was kind of stunned. I'd told Mike it would be cool to have my own project, but I definitely hadn't told Antonio. Did Mike tell Antonio? Does that stuff come up?  Was he just kidding? After I said "YES YES YES SERIOUSLY YES," it turned into a comment fest. Pam said it looks like a garden accessory. Mike and Matt are after the fenders. I thought but did not say that he offered it to me, so back y'all greasy little hands away. 

Wait, why such an attachment to... that?! Oh. There's an attachment because it's something that would be mine. My own little project bike. Take as long as I want. Do tons and tons of research. Learn along the way. No wait for projects to be handed down. I mean, I already have a million pictures in my head of what it would, could look like.


Do I need another thing to do, even if it's something that's completely not time-sensitive and not attached to anyone but me? Absolutely not. Do I have any freakin' idea how to rebuild a bike? Nope. Do I want it? Mhm. Mike pointed out to me that it's not worth any of the hassle unless the engine will turn over, because yeah, that's a huge (read: expensive) project there. So it's definitely a wait-and-see-and-don't-get-your-hopes-up. 

I wonder if I could pay Matt in beer to keep her at his garage? ;)

Someone save me.

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