Wednesday, April 25, 2012

wedding wednesday // 8

I wrote about his ring here, so now it's time for my ring :)

We weren't having much luck with wedding bands we'd found at stores. The main thing I was looking for in a wedding band was that it would look nice with my white gold solitaire engagement ring. I know that I don't have to wear the two together all the time, but I love my engagement ring and I know I'll love my wedding band, so I why not wear them both? I really wanted a simple white gold band, but I wasn't sure if I wanted diamonds or not. I tried on many different styles but I couldn't quite find "the ring."

Mike really lucked out with his dad's ring, and we're so grateful for his parents' kindness in letting him have that.

But then I thought... well, we wanted matching bands... now what do I do? 

I eventually settled into the idea that maybe a yellow gold band that at least matches the color of his won't look too bad against my white gold engagement ring, and I should just get a plain yellow gold band.

Then I remembered the jeweler. A friend of ours used to work for this jeweler in nearby Old Town Alexandria, and she recommended we go there to re-size my ring. We needed to bring Mike's ring in to be sized, and while we were there why not ask him what we could do for a ring for me?

Long, long, long story short, we headed over to Lawrence Miller & Company and spent some time talking to Lawrence himself. He was really nice and helpful, and I'm sure it's not just because we're friends with Liz ;)

We showed him Mike's ring and I described that I was looking for a white gold band that would go with my engagement ring, but have the same etched design as Mike's band. Lawrence took a look at the band and said that it would be really easy to do, I just had to pick out a band. I picked out a white gold band and Lawrence said that's it, leave it to him.

I was definitely on pins and needles for a few weeks. I absolutely trusted Lawrence and he understood what Mike and I wanted, but still... no picture, no drawing, no... nothing? How does someone know how to create a wedding band out of words?

The day we finally went back to pick up our goodies - Mike's sized ring, my newly-appraised ring that my Grandma gave me, and my new custom (!!) wedding band - was among the most exciting in my life. I was so stoked to see the ring and put it on my finger and look at our wedding bands - OUR WEDDING BANDS - next to each other.

I was floored.

Standing there in the small jewelry shop on the creaky old floor, with shelves of beautiful treasures surrounding us, all I could see was my tiny, pale hand, bitten and cracked nails, with this absolutely beautiful etched white gold wedding band, and next to it Mike's strong, worn hand with his father's handsome tapered etched gold wedding band - our wedding bands.


The smile didn't leave my face for days, and that same smile creeps back up every time I pull the two bands out of their protective bags to take a look.

No pictures to ruin the surprise, just emotion: excitement, relief, and love love love!

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