Thursday, April 19, 2012

wine and love // 17

Wine and Love 

Wine and Love 

was started by Nora, and now it's being hosted by Suki at Super Duper Fantastic!

The concept is simple – each Thursday, you list out what’s driving you to grab a glass of wine and what you’re loving.

Head over to Super Duper Fantastic to grab the button, and join in if you’d like!


  • A million things on my mind that won't formulate into actual thoughts and they're pretty much driving me crazy.
  • Never enough time in the day for all the stuff I need to do for work and school and other things.
  • All the things. Just... all the things.


  • Yesterday it was raining and cold, and today it is sunny and warm!
  • Phone calls with Grandma always put a smile on my face!
  • Finally made an appointment to look at (more) wedding dresses!
  • Did a big presentation for work today and totally kicked butt!
  • Can't believe it - BiSC is so so so soon!
  • Blog redesign by the lovely Katelyn Brooke is coming soon!
  • Exclamation points make me feel really peppy!
  • Mike's Dad greeted me last night with "How's my daughter-in-law doing?" - aww!
  • Had some friends over for dinner this week and had a wonderful time.
  • Garage time + hockey time, heck yeah.
  • Possibly getting my own project bike from a friend?!?!?!

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