Friday, May 4, 2012

fill in the blank // 18

I honestly can't believe it's Friday. The hours have dragged by at certain points, but overall this week has really flown. And it's been busy too - I wrote earlier this week about how crazy May is for me yet I somehow totally overlooked the fact that the evenings are also busy. And the work days are busy. And holy crap everything is so busy.

This week found us at the garage twice, with me doing homework and/or watching hockey, out to dinner with Mike's parents, out to dinner with my Dad, and tonight we'll be at the garage and/or getting ready for an out-of-town wedding this weekend. That doesn't count the crazy work or the schoolwork that's been quite literally piling up. Ohhhhhh. 

Today is, guess what, busy. But as a very wise lady once told me, I need to carve out little spaces for me. Starting my day off with a warm cup of coffee and a fill-in-the-blank is really helping me to calm down and focus.

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  1. My bedtime routine includes brushing my teeth, taking out my contacts, grabbing the remote for the fan/light (yes, this exists - I also have a remote for my car stereo - what is the world coming to?!), getting the temperature right (this includes the fan or heat or A/C or opening the window), flipping over my pillow, setting my alarm, turning off all the lights, and passing out. Seriously, I know it's exciting.
  2. I am exhausted, getting sick, and totally overwhelmed by ALL THE THINGS at the moment.
  3. I can't stand people who can't spell or write correctly because the English language is a precious thing and people should know how to use it correctly.
  4. My idea of relaxation would be a comfy spot in the sunshine, an extra spicy, extra olives Bloody Mary and A Practical Wedding (and having no homework or work to do).
  5. If I had an extra $50, I would get myself a manicure and pedicure.
  6. The best thing about a bloggy friend is becoming close through the things we share on our blogs and eventually becoming real-life friends!
  7. A recipe I've been dying to try is every single thing on my Pinterest "Food" board. Honestly. I need to cook more.

Happy Friday, and May the fourth be with you ;)

Oh PS, a follow-up to yesterday's Wine and Love - Add to the "Love" section that I have a wonderful fiance who will not only dig the windshield wiper fluid out of the closet for me, but will bring it down to my car in the morning AND fill it up for me. What a guy ;)

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