Thursday, May 3, 2012

wine and love // 19

Wine and Love 

Wine and Love 

was started by Nora, and now it's being hosted by Suki at Super Duper Fantastic!

The concept is simple – each Thursday, you list out what’s driving you to grab a glass of wine and what you’re loving.

Head over to Super Duper Fantastic to grab the button, and join in if you’d like!


  1. When I run out of windshield wiper fluid and realize it only after I have used my wipers to spread something dusty, dirty, and/or dead all over my windshield. I got really spoiled in my old BMW - she told me whenever the wiper fluid was low. Then again... she had a million other problems. So I guess I'll live with Holly being a great car but not telling me when the wiper fluid is low... I guess...
  2. This has been another long, exhausting week.
  3. I'm getting sick. I have that gross sticky feeling in my throat and I'm so congested and everything hurts. I started feeling it last night and then stayed up all night to watch the Rangers-Capitals game, and then didn't get much sleep, and then got really stressed at work. So I'm sure you can imagine those things helped a lot. Side note: Sucrets are gro-o-o-o-o-o-ss.
  4. The coordinator of our local Brain Aneurysm Foundation support meeting sent an email today and it reminded me that I haven't attended in a while. Guess it's time to change that!
  5. Speaking of things I haven't attended lately: yoga.
  6. I really need to make my flight arrangements for BiSC.
  7. After all the pre-planning and research I did for a blogger winery outing, I found out that there's a big family thing in New York the day before, so I had to cancel/postpone and start all over. Sorry, ladies!


  1. The silver lining to changing the date of the blogger winery outing? We can all go to Blogger Blitz DC. OKAY! (Also, more people may be able to come on a different date. So there's that.)
  2. Rhiannon. I loves her.
  3. There has been a lot of good hockey goin' on lately, and I loves it. I'm a sports nut. I don't always remember the players' names or stats, but I absolutely love a good game and I get so wrapped up in it. 
  4. I got to talk to Grandma on the phone and that always cheers me up a lot. 
  5. We are going to a wedding this weekend and I get to get all dressy! Bonus points, needing to get all dressy kicked my butt into gear to finally go over to old-roommate-Vikram's house to get my dresses out of the spare bedroom, so now I am excited about a wedding and 25 dresses richer. Heck yeah!
  6. BiSC is so so so so so soon! I finally get to meet Anna and Dominique! I finally get to hang out with all the other cool people! I AM SO EXCITED!
  7. Matt recommended a local place for shopping for my Mad Men - themed outfit, and hopefully that shopping will happen soon.
  8. We had dinner with Mike's parents on Tuesday night at Cap City. It was the perfect night - we took the scooter over there and got a cozy table on the patio, had some brews and watched people, hung out and laughed and caught up with his parents. 
  9. The guys got Ol' Stinky rolling!
  10. We're having dinner with my Dad tonight at a local Peruvian chicken place that I've been dying to try.

I'm sure I'm leaving some things out, but hey, this gave me a new perspective on the week and it's pretty awesome :)


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