Tuesday, June 19, 2012

month of lauren // 19

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I had an awful day at work; the kind of day that starts with people yelling and kind of blurs into oblivion because nothing gets better the entire rest of the day. Then I got home, got ready to meet a friend for coffee, and realized that I'd left my wallet at work a whole five minutes before I was supposed to be there. The day was awful and the night was not looking to be any better...

Luckily, the Month of Lauren has kept giving and giving, and just when I think all hope is lost, I'm hit in the face with friendship, laughter, smiles, and joy. Every time. Thank you, June. I will never again try to pretend that any other month is my favorite.
I met an old friend at a new-to-me place in a busy area of Arlington. The outside patio was packed, there was music playing, there were sausages roasting, and it was a perfect summer night. We headed inside for coffee (for me) and a beer (for him) and grabbed a table. That turned into two classes of Sauvignon Blanc (don't ask me what kind - he had to order them because I was without wallet and without ID!) when he asked me how wedding planning was going. 

It was incredibly nice to catch up after years of busy lives and new stories; to talk about the people we knew and the things we remembered and books we were reading. After we finished our wine we walked a few blocks over to a restaurant, wound up ordering the exact same thing for a late dinner, and half-watched a basketball game. A lot of laughter and several hours later, we wandered the busy streets for a little while, made sure we had exchanged phone numbers, and said good night.

I left and drove along a winding residential road. It was now past 10PM and I was facing my last couple of hours of being 25. This incredibly trying year, the hella crazy year, all of the insanity and upheaval and confusion... it was almost over.

I went home out of instinct and as I sat on the bed I realized, very heavily, that I did not want to spend my last hours of the year there.

I had to go somewhere else.

I talked to a friend and we arranged a meeting place, a night-time adventure, a meeting at a cross-street. We talked and laughed. We walked along a dark path with millions of fireflies. We listened to the sound of the river. I ran barefoot on gravel at the sight of a car. We drove, ran, sauntered, sweat, took in the views, fanned ourselves, tried not to step on the biggest beetles we'd ever seen, marveled at spider webs and speeding motorcycles. We drank and enjoyed the blurred lines between night and morning, and it was quite seriously the best way I could have scripted to ring in my birthday, this new year full of hope, a standard Wednesday morning.

This day, perhaps more than any other, I am enormously thankful for the people in my life.

To my friends, thank you for always being there, for last-minute adventures, for making things right, and for letting me be me.

This 2AM birthday beer is for all of you.


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