Sunday, June 24, 2012

month of lauren // 24

Now listening to: Bob Dylan, Most of the Time

I didn't get nearly enough sleep on Saturday night -- worth it as it was -- so I was a bit of a zombie heading out to meet Becky for coffee Sunday morning. Somehow I only ended up a couple of minutes late and not in too much pain from my foot, so quickly enough there were hugs, smiles, laughter, stories, and the all-important coffee! Nom nom nom.

After an amazing few hours chatting, we parted ways and I headed over to my Mom's house. I wanted to show her the tattoo and catch up. We grabbed some water bottles and went out front because I wanted to wash my car, and she asked if I would wash hers. But of course! It felt nice to do something small to help her out. She does so much for me! Even just being around her was awesome and made my heart happy.

One happy friend, one happy mommy, a lot of sunshine, and two clean cars... not bad :)


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