Friday, October 12, 2012

future husband | dancing

Dear Future Husband*

I love when we come home
from an evening out
-- dinner with friends or
drinks that have gone later --
you grasp for my hand
in that quick moment between
opening the front door and
pressing the light switch

catching it, curling it into
your own larger, rough hand
pulling it onto your broad chest
letting a bag or coat fall down
taking the other hand to lead
and we move together

through the room, across the
wooden floor and quick feet
missing the assortment strewn about.
If I keep my heels on, I can
press my cheek to yours and
feel you humming, sometimes;
otherwise I let my head lean
onto your shoulder, swaying.


your wife who loves to dance with you. xo.

* the Dear Future Husband letters were inspired by Peter.

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