Friday, December 28, 2012


This is me, today.
My hair is the darkest it's ever been, although it still looks rather blond in this light.
There are two beautiful yellow tulips on my desk.
This is my funny, tired, Friday face.
I've been awake since 04:50.
At work since 07:15.
It's a long day.

Currently, I'm...

Obsessing over...
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Getting my brain to think straight.
Catching up on reverb12. My wonderful girl friends.

Working on...
Planning for my role in the company in 2013. Hiring a new employee.
Organizing my thoughts notebook. Finding beers to check off my list.

Thinking about...
Writing. Big plans for 2013. Traveling to Ireland for The Gathering. Genealogy.
Text messages and timing. Being happy. Half-marathon training. Family.

Pizza night with friends. Conversations and cuddling. Figuring out what's going on in my head.
Visiting the Air and Space Museum tomorrow. Dinner tomorrow night. Meeting G's mom on Sunday.

Listening to...
My Spotify favorites playlist.

Tea. Lots and lots of tea.

I were asleep and dreaming sweetly.


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