Thursday, December 6, 2012

reverb | intention

Reverb Prompt for December 6: Intention: What were some of your mantras from 2012 and how did you come by them? Will they remain the same for next year – if not, what new ones will you set?
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My [more than slightly unofficial] mantra for 2012 was to create my forever life. I didn't spend much time understanding what that really meant to me, and the mantra itself didn't last long.

After that, it was all about:.

Enjoying the little things.
Embracing the insanity.
Understanding that everything happens for a reason.

I gathered inspirational mantras from around these here Internet tubes. Here. Here. And of course here.

By surrounding myself with inspiring pieces of information all year long, I found myself better able to set intentions towards myself, others, and the world around us.

I'll always have my favorite quotes and my values, but I believe that my mantra and driving intentions will change -- they'll have to for me to grow. That's part of what I'm figuring out now. Some that are sticking with me now are:

And especially, especially this:

I'll be back closer to the new year with my mantra and intentions for 2013.


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