Wednesday, December 5, 2012

reverb | letting go

Reverb Prompt for December 5: Letting go. For the next year, I’m letting go of…
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Y'all. I have put up with some serious bullshit in my life. I've done it in the name of love, or patience, or understanding, compassion, empathy, whatever. I've allowed it so deeply into my life, into myself, that I've snapped on more than one occasion, turning into a person I do not like, a person I am not.

This year, I've inched closer to being comfortable saying, "No. This isn't working for me." 

It's been difficult and empowering to draw my own lines. It still takes outside encouragement sometimes, such as Boo reminding me that I shouldn't have to wait for anyone. It still takes outside validation, too, such as Dad saying that he's proud of me for not putting up with a guy's shenanigans.

And yet - it's been surprising how comfortably I stand with myself, hereafter. I know I'm making progress and that feels really, really nice.


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