Monday, January 14, 2013

registration day

Today is BiSC registration day. 

That means that about a year ago I sat here, at this desk, in this office, in this building, frantically exchanging emails with two lovely ladies. "I'm in if you're in..." turned into the three of us purchasing tickets for this incredible event. Because, hey, at least we'd know each other, right?

That incredible event turned out to be the tipping point of my year; of my life thereafter, I do believe. I wrote soon after I got home from BiSC 2012 about how it stoned me to my soul, and it's true.

I'm feeling that again, today, witnessing the twitterverse all a-titter, the excitement of those of us who had preregistered, the ALLCAPS EXCITED TWEETS from those who registered today. I get to see lovely faces again! meet several of my internet friends! meet other friends I don't even know yet! It's an exciting time for 75 people all across these here internet tubes. My heart is fluttering simply thinking about it! 

So, my friends. Listen up.

If you've registered and you're nervous: be nervous. I'm serious. Sit in that feeling, and contemplate it, and consider what's making you nervous, and most importantly, endeavor to make BiSC the best it can possibly be for you. Early on at BiSC last year, I happened to be chatting with Jayme and Treavor and they told me, essentially, that I would not become friends with every single person there, that I should focus on finding my people, making it mine. So that's what I did, and I loved every single second of it. Be nervous now. You'll feel all the nervousness melt away the second you see another BiSCuit, and then you'll spend the next four days pondering how these amazing people feel like they've been part of your life forever. 

(If you've registered and you're not nervous at all, sweet. See you in a few months, hey? Get your tacklehugs ready.)

If you haven't registered, what the hell are you waiting for? It's a life-changing, amazing event. Totally worth it. Check out the BiSC About page here. Great. Now go register here. Posthaste. Okay. Great. I'll see you there :)


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