Friday, February 8, 2013

this week's music // 1

Last night I dreamed that I was driving down a main street in a car with a bunch of my friends, and I was topless. (This is not a thing I do.) People out on park benches and coffee shop window ledges saw and laughed a lot, and my friends were laughing too. I was totally cool with it, though. (I swear this is not a thing I do!) Ben Haggerty stepped out of a shop with a basket of the most delicious-looking nachos you could imagine. We made eye contact through the car window for what felt like forever. He saw that I was topless and let out the cutest smile, which struck me so deep that I made whoever was driving pull over so I could talk to him. I leaned over whoever was sitting next to me, out the window, and extended my hand to shake his when I introduced myself. I wound up sticking my hand directly into his nacho cheese sauce. That kind of sounds like a gross euphemism but it's not; I actually had a hand covered in orange processed cheese with some jalapeno flecks. I was totally cool with that, too. I said hi to Ryan Lewis and told him I loved his stuff, and greeted a bunch of the other people they were with. We decided that nacho cheese handshakes were our thing. Then Mr Macklemore himself said "Okay Lauren, I'll see you around!" and we drove away and he went over to a park bench to eat his nachos with his friends. My alarm went off and I woke up smiling thinking about his smile. 

Here's what I've listened to this week:


The 99 Most Essential Beethoven Masterpieces


Ben Harper with Charlie Musselwhite, Get Up!




The Menzingers, On The Impossible Past


My [ever-changing] Favorites Playlist


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