Tuesday, February 5, 2013

who's on your list // 1

One of the discussions we got into pretty quickly at Elevate was deliciously girly and comfortably risqué: who's on your list?

I think I first heard Amanda and Nicole talking about theirs, appropriately, as it was a Season 7 Interview Week question and they were fantastic Season 7 bloggers. As others chimed in I realized I hardly knew any of the names they were listing, but we still laughed and recalled the handsome times of such-and-such actor and what's-his-name from that childhood tv show.

Everyone's list is a little different: some are guys they'd kiss, some date, some sleep with. Some are the list of people with whom they're allowed to cheat on their significant other. Some are the list of guys whose posters adorned their closet doors.

Mine is kind of my OMG CRUSHES! and they are not likely to be the everygirl's, but shit, it was 99 cents! I mean, just give 'em a chance? Let's do this one at a time.


No. 1: Ben Haggerty.

You might know him as Macklemore. I know him as my dream. (Ugh so laaame.)

I think this totally (very) NSFW (seriously) please don't watch it at work (it's wildly inappropriate both visually and audibly) video is when I really fell in love with him. I have about a dozen Macklemore X Ryan Lewis videos bookmarked on every browser and my phone.

I'm constantly sending them to R. (You're welcome.)

Thrift Shop has become my early morning groovy car-dance song, and White Walls is my favorite thing to walk to (seriously, it's got a great rhythm). The Heist? So good.

This skit, particularly at about 0:23 where he introduces himself? I die. (Also Paul Scheer is in this. He's a comedy crush.)

[ /edit. See also, this: Five Rappers Fans Love That Critics Can't Stand (Village Voice).]

[ /edit. And this: Macklemore, Will You Be My Valentine? (BuzzFeed).]

When I can't sleep I Google pictures of Ben and save them down to my camera roll, and then surprise myself into a great day when I have to ask myself why the hell there are pictures of a handsome man on my phone. Then myself answers back, "Oh, him?" ::blushes:: (That may have been the most awkward thing I've admitted on the internet.)

So! Who's on your list? Get to sharing. 


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