Friday, April 26, 2013


For some reason Peter thought it would be a great idea to have me as a guest on #thepetecast.  We attempted to record this several times before it actually worked. Apparently the third time was the charm! The best things in life are clearly worth waiting for.

We each asked some friends for questions we should address and answer, and then we  hit record and unleashed ourselves upon the Internet.

... Okay, that didn't sound right.


(Click there to listen to it!)

In which we discuss: the potential pitfalls of referring to someone as a sex worker, hockey, bets, music, love, boy bloggers, plaid, Lauren’s cousins, ants, robots, licking and a whole bunch of other junk.

We answer questions asked by, talk about, and/or reference conversations with: Tom, Raoul, Ian, Debra, Timma, Andrew, Mikael, Robert, Ben, Patrick, Ashley, Chrissy, Eleni; and of course, my dad, while I probably mis-remembered several pieces of my childhood; Chris Hadfield, NASA, the Rolling Stones, Metallica; the Washington Capitals and the Ottawa Senators; the Scintilla Project team: Dominique, Kim, and Onyi; the girl responsible for getting me into hockey, Rhiannon; my roommates Amy, Katrine, and Ginny; John Green, Anna Kendrick, Jenn, Nico, Derek, Kristin, Amanda Rae, sarahdotcom. Whew. I think that's it.

I use confluence in reference to accented and plaid awesomeness, make up a word, and curse a lot. (Because you can curse on podcasts. Yeahhhh, buddy.) You might want to use headphones when you listen.



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